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gone ark sz

i thought id write, i thought id let you know
in the year since youve been gone ive finally let you go
and i hope you find some time to drop a note
but if you wont
then you wont
and i will consider you gone

i know that you went straight to someone else
while i worked through all this sh-t here by myself
and i think that you should spend some time alone
but if you wont
then you wont
and i will consider you gone

i wake up in the night
all alone and its alright
the chemicals are wearing off
since youre gone

the days go on, the lights go off and on
and nothing really matters when youre gone
if you think that you feel nothing at all
if you dont (if you dont)
then you dont (no, you wont)
if you wont
then you wont
and i will
then i will
yeah, and i will consider you gone


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