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fair ark sz

he shouted out his last word
and he stumbled through
the yard
and she shattered her last china plate
and spun off in the car
when he lunged onto the hood
she stopped to tell him shed
been wrong
he was thrown head over heels
into the traffic coming on

but then
all is fair, all is fair
in love
ba ba ba

did you get my other letters
sometimes i think i oughta call
cause you know i often
wonder if you open them at all
every couple nights or so
you know you pop into my dreams
i just cant get rid of you
like you got rid of me
ohh but i send my best
cause god knows youve seen
my worst


all this breathing in never
breathing out
well i guess she made her way
through the mob too late to
hear him say
that hed gotten all he
a crowd to watch him bear
the pain
hed been keeping in
so what


am i right?
am i right?
now im lonely and im right
im lonely and im right
yeah [live:goddamn]


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