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evaporated ark sz

what ive kept with me
and what ive thrown away
dont know where the hell ive ended up
on this glary, random day
were the things i really cared about
just left along the way
for being to pent up and proud

woke up way too late
feeling hung over and old
and the sun was shining bright
and i walked barefoot
down the road
started thinking about
my old man
it seems that all men
wanna get into a car and go

here i stand - sad and free
i cant cry and i cant see
what ive done
god...what have i done

dont you know im numb, man
no i cant feel a thing at all
cause its all smiles and business
these days
and im indifferent to the loss
ive faith that theres a soul somewhere
whos leading me around
i wonder if she knows
which way is down... [on demo:which way is up and which is down...]


i poured my heart out
i poured my heart out
it evaporated...see?

blind man on a canyons edge
of a panoramic scene
or maybe im a kite
thats flying high and random
dangling a string
or slumped over in a vacant room
head on a strangers knee
im sure back home
they think ive lost my mind.



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