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brick ark sz

6 am day after christmas
i throw some clothes on in
the dark
the smell of cold
car seat is freezing
the world is sleeping and
i am numb
up the stairs to her apartment
she is balled up on the couch
her mom and dad went down
to charlotte
theyre not home to find us
and we drive
now that i have founds someone
im feeling more alone
than i ever have before

shes a brick and im drowning
off the coast and im headed
shes a brick and im drowning

they call her name at 7:30
i pace around the parking lot
then i walk down to buy her
and sell some gifts that i got
cant you see
its not me youre dying for
now shes feeling more alone
than she ever has before


as weeks went by
it showed that she was not fine
they told me son its time
to tell the truth
and she broke down and i broke
cause i was tired of lying
driving back to her apartment
for the moment were alone
shes alone
and im alone
now i know it



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