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best imitation of myself ark sz

i feel like a quote out of context
with holding the rest
so i can be for you what you want to see
i got the gestures and sounds
got the timing down
its uncanny, yeah
youd think it was me
do you think i should take a class
to lose my southern accent?
did i make me up
or make the face til it stuck?
i do the best imitation of myself.

the "problem with you" speech
you gave me was fine
i liked the theories about
my little stage
and i swore i was listening
but i started drifting
around the part about me
acting my age
and now if its all the same
ive people to entertain
i juggle one handed
do some magic tricks and
the best imitation of myself

maybe im thinking
myself in a hole
wondering who i am
when i ought to know
straighten up now
time to go
fool somebody else
fool somebody else

last night i was
east with them
and west within
trying to be for you
what you want to see
but i cant help it
with you the good and bad
comes through
dont want you hanging out
with no one but me
now if its all the same
it comes from the same place
and if my minds somewhere else
you wont be able to tell
i do the best imitation of myself
yes its uncanny to see
youd really think it was me
the best imtitation of myself
do the best imitation of myself


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