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rain on me ark sz

verse1 :
ive been drowning in my own tears
wasting time running from my fears
when all the while youve been right here
waiting on me
if id have told you what im going through
you would have let me know just what to do
and now i know the answer lies in you
this is my pain cause

chorus :
ive been hurt so bad
sometimes it makes me sad
would you rain on me?
i dont understand
this was not my plan
would you rain on me?
dont stop the rain

verse2 :
sometimes i felt all alone
nothing or no one to call my own
but youre the only one that would be
faithful forevermore
deep down inside my soul
youre the only one who really knows
what i need to make me whole
so i can smile again, i

chorus : (2x)

bridge :
rain on me, show me love
im waiting on you
yes, i know sometimes its rough
tell me what to do

rain on me, show me love
im waiting on you
you said that i could trust in you
thats what im going to do



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