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loving you still ark sz

verse 1 :
fell in love, and everything that i wanted
what a life for me...
now a thing dont mean a thing, since weve parted
meant the world to me...
and though my hearts still beatin, when will i breathe again
and when will someone wake me from, this awful dream im in

if you could see the way i live my life
if you could see the way i cry at night
if you could understand the reasons why
that im loving you still...
if you could hear me when i call your name
you gotta know ill never ever love again
cause im loving you still

verse 2:
i had someone watch over me, my protector
kept me safe and warm
i had someone makin love to me, i thought forever
forever now is gone...
so i spend my days pretending, i spend my nights alone
ive never missed somebody so, ive never loved so strong

repeat chorus

and now that you have gone away
lord knows that i must pray
that we will meet again
but until then...

repeat chorus


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