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is that you ark sz

jermaine dupri:
you know how i do it i try to rock you
all night, all night
you know how i do it i try to rock you
all night, all night
yes indeed

im looking for one
who can rock me from the night to
the daylight
aint afraid to go and see what it tastes like
keep it in the groove make it stay tight
is that you? (repeat 1 more time)

verse 1:
not just my lover, my best friend
down, down through the thick and thin
with me through the very end
is what looking for
somebody (somebody) who understands its all about me
does everything in my dreams
knows just what i need to make me happy
could you be the one


verse 2
youve got to know what i mean when i say
do you love me, and how much do you think of me
little hook up we got going on, on, on
the most beautiful thing to me is to see
two people in harmony, in love (in love)
im happy to let you know


its everybodys dream
to find the one that was made for them
even though your chances are slim
you just got to believe
and when it gets to hard
you cant fall apart
you gotta keep on keep on
trying to get what youre looking for

(repeat 4 times)


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