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imagination ark sz

see, yall wanna dance? (yeah yeah)
cuz imma make you dance (uh huh)
all i want is for you to use your imagination (come on)

thats all
come on
come on

what makes us do
the things we do
that keeps me lovin you (imagination)
and when youre in need
aint got nobody
imagination sets you free, free

everything you want is real close
when you close your eyes
and the things you think about the most
they come to life (come to life)
when your relationship is headed for the rocks
gotta use your imagination to get you back on top

repeat chorus

its the place you look
when you want to have some fun
when you see it, say it, before its done (uh huh)
imagine you and me, and how it would feel
exploring new ideas and whats gon keep this lovin real

when you get lonely (lonely)
itll make you get to a phone and
tell me how much you want me
and when you have a bad day
a little bit of imagination goes a long way

oh, true buff playa, thats the chichi
wanna get up out the store, you need to see me
now i got you wondering whats behind the slouch
if you get too close will you get turned out
no doubt, it wont be the same if i hit it
cuz you always gon want it the way i did it
imma keep you fresh, make sure you stay kitted
see once i got it, cant nobody else get it
from the bottom to the top
till you say stop
you and me, wit the freaky south, imma gray drop
ill kiss everything, i dont miss a spot
stuff you aint never seen from the man you got
i aint hatin, my imaginations just more advanced
so when you wanna dance, imma make you dance
tamia i see ya, im still waiting
you make me wanna, leave that to your imagination
yeah, yeah

repeat chorus

repeat chorus while:
go head, baby, go head, baby

repeat chorus


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