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i sat outside your house today
just thinkin youll never learn
its like the time i packed your things
and dropped em off where you were
i know you love to wash your car
so i left it in the lake
they say the strongest part of love is called hate

(do you feel like i should)
sit around with your touch
and your smell on my couch
and your hair in my brush
i loved you too much

(do you think that i should)
move along, change my phone
get it on, ill be gone
treat him wrong til the day
that someone loves me the same way

how am i supposed to feel?
what exactly should i do?
i know youre no good for me
yet and still im lovin you
im must cite these lonely nights
beggin you to do me right
this time i just dont know
heart says stay, mind says go

i knew i heard it in your voice
something was wrong with our date
i feel i didnt have the choice
my heart was not in the way
found out that im up in the cut
some chick was wearing my face
youre lucky im in a good mood
or shell lay

do you know how it feels
sittin round, smellin sheets
feelin down, watchin heat
but my friends where you been
im with her again

do you think that its cool
to rock the fool in my house
i put you out, you come back in
we fight again, nobody wins
and baby, you should know that this is it

chorus x2

[electronic voice repeats "go" in the background]

oh oh oh oh
hey, ooh, yeah
ooh ooh, ooh ooh

sometimes you cant let go
even when your heart says so
i have to let you see
your love will never be
?? with me you see
cant let you, just dont need
i tried to love you still
i now know how it feels

chorus x2

how am i supposed to feel?
(it says go, go, go)
i know youre no good for me)
(go go, go go)
i must cite these lonely nights
(beggin you to do me right)
this time i just dont know
heart says stay, mind says go



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