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dear john ark sz

oh yeah, oh

you had just walked in from work
and theres a letter in the kitchen with your name on it
inside, you will find an
answer for each question you had
you had to know the day would come
that id find out that you are a liar
and a player, and the list goes on
so it hurts you now
but it would hurt even more if i stayed, so

hope that you can understand
that you were once my man
but its time to move on
since youre playing games, oh

you thought the day would never come
never ever thought that you
would be reading dear john
you be sure to read each line
line by line, and take your time
you thought the day would never come
never ever thought that you
would be reading dear john
by the time you read this letter
ill be feeling much better
so long, it means im gone

guess that you are wondering
how did she know that i
was the type to play you
if you read, youll find out

i have to end it
bet i was right from the start
and i never took the time to ask myself
why, oh, why would you waste your time
on a nigga in the club with a group of thugs
you shoulda known it was on
when i kept callin your job
and they said that you were sick
so i paged you, dont get no call back
now it all makes sense

the two of us are not meant to be
so by the time you read this letter
and try to make things better
save your lines
but read each one of mine

wish youd see your game was not
strong enough to keep me holding on
you be strong, time for me to go cuz

chorus x2

i wish i could see the look on your face
ha ha ha, ha ha ha
and you wish you could just see my face
no no no, no no no
you thought i was playin when i said you had
one more time, one more time
but if you can play this game
then i can play it too, cuz...

chorus fade


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