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cant no man ark sz

mmm, mmm, mmm yeah
oh oh ohh, ooh ooh

i cant let you go babe
i dont think that i could (i never could)
cuz everytime i try to forget you
i think about the sex is too good (yeah)
the way you hold my body babe
theres no other man that could
and even if he tried to turn me on
i dont think that he would, yeah

cant no?? wit you
aint no other man can rock me like you do
they can try to huff and puff and blow you down
but when we make love baby, you mark your ground

everytime we argue babe
i just wanna give up
but when i see your face babe
i just wanna make up
cuz theres no other man
that be pleasing me
and not only are you incredible
baby im in l-o-v-e, yeah


im just so caught up on you
i just dont know what to do
i cant get enough of you
im gon spend my life with you
baby cant you feel it too
the love between me and you
baby you gon mark your ground
baby i wont turn you down



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