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cant go for that remix ark sz

[snoop] (missy)
whats happenin baby? (whats up snoop?)
over there lookin all good (heh, yeah)
oh, you dont like gangstas? (i mean)
but you aint even heard what i have to say
i, i just look like this (yeah right)
no, nah, hear me out (yeah)
on the real (oh)
check this out (uh, do it, uh)

baby, you finer than a muth...
i dont play basketball or do the fashion mall
they call me doggy dogg, the realest of em all
you got problems? then holla at the big dogg
i come get ya bone, play dumb for you
i got a little somethin to do
then i got a little somethin for you
just dont play no games with me baby
cuz i could get you what you need
if you just let a gangsta proceed
spank you, drink you up under the table
and at the end of the night, i let you run my doghouse
kink, erotic, exotic, whatever
you want it? i got it
you can get it forever
dpg, see, thats my set
if you get with me, ill give you somethin that youll never forget

[tamia, missy]
i cant go for that, no no, no can do
i cant go for that, no no, no can do
i cant go for that, no no, no can do
i cant go for that, cant go for that
cant go for that

[warren g]
you said its on, babygirl, i could tell in your voice
i want it all, breasts and thighs, plus a short mini-skirt
make it work, so i can see you jiggle
and play dot to dot, let me put it in the middle
make you wiggle like a worm when this ball is dropped
no viagra needed, cuz you know i stay weeded
like a champion soldier, uh
and it aint no fun if i cant hold ya
you cant go for that? you better go for this
me and you on a ship sippin crys
reminisce babygirl, its a thug world
im a bad boy lookin for a bad girl
like you, let me beat it, you dont need it
2-1-3d out, warren gd out
l-b-cd out, what?
so i could meet wit you
or you could meet at my house


nate dogg

[nate dogg]
girl, me, i got a bad attitude
oh oh, tell me what am i supposed to do (tell me)
i only wanna get next to you, next to you
not like them other fools, that used to ball wit you
i wanna groove wit you, like ron isley do (woo)
we need to find us a place to play (place to play)
fix a time, and just get away
lets just go with tamia, yeah (oh yeah)
aint no runnin errands today
dont need no money, youre straight
throw all your cares away
sip with gangsta nate

chorus x2

[missy] (tamia)
uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh (yeah yeah)
uh, uh, uh, uh (i cant go for that)
say what?
do it, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh
uh, uh, uh, uh, out


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