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mistress for christmas ark sz

jingle bells, jingle bells
jingle all the day
i just cant wait till christmas time
when i can grope you in the hay

easy come, easy go
have a good time with lots of dough
slippin up high, slippin down low
lovem and leavem on with the show

listen, i like female form in minimal dress
money to spend with a capital "s"
get a date with the woman in red
wanna be in heaven with three in a bed

he got it, i want it
they got it, i cant have it
but i want it, it dont matter
she got it, but i cant get it
i want a mistress for christmas

easy come, easy go
slippin high, slippin low

he got it, i want it
they got it, i cant have it
i want it, dont matter
she got it, and i cant get a -
mistress for christmas

you know what im talkin about
i want the woman in red with bow in my bed

i can hear you coming down my smoke stack
i wanna ride on your raindeer honey and ring the bells


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