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meanstreak ark sz

ive been to the left, ive been to the right
ive found myself in abudhabi, just a mirage in the night
been to the high, ive been to the low
and ive been to lots of places that i didnt wanna go
but i aint see nothing to get me off my ass
and laughed at all the jokers wanting make me walk on glass
i could walk fore i could crawl
and i was meaner than a bad dog with his back against the wall

animal, animal
cannibal, cannibal
see em fall, see em fall
im the guy that they call -

meanstreak, i gotta meanstreak
meanstreak, they call me meanstreak

i just dont know who i wanna be
the count of monte cristo or the sheik of arabia
ive eaten rich, and ive eaten free
im the perfect culture vulture in the face of poverty
and i aint met no one who told me i got class
they say never feed the animal, the boys got too much flash
im a guy they just cant teach
and i always kick the castle thats been built up on the beach

animal, animal
cannibal, cannibal
see em fall, see em fall
im the guy that they call -

whats your name?



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