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jailbreak ark sz

there was a friend of mine on murder
and the judges gavel fell
jury found him guilty
gave him sixteen years in hell
he said "i aint spending my life here
i aint living alone
aint breaking no rocks on the chain gang
im breakin out and headin home

gonna make a jailbreak
and im lookin towards the sky
im gonna make a jailbreak
oh, how i wish that i could fly

all in the name of liberty
all in the name of liberty
got to be free

jailbreak, let me out of here
jailbreak, sixteen years
jailbreak, had more than i can take
jailbreak, yeah"

he said hed seen his lady being fooled with
by another man
she was down and he was up
he had a gun in his hand
bullets started flying everywhere
and people started to scream
big man lying on the ground
with a hole in his body
where his life had been
but it was -

all in the name of liberty
all in the name of liberty
i got to be free

jailbreak, jailbreak
i got to break out
out of here

heartbeats they were racin
freedom he was chasin
spotlights, sirens, rifles firing
but he made it out
with a bullet in his back


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