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evan and jaron, evan and jaron arklar, evan and jaron ark szleri
1.and then she says433
2.andy warhol666
3.cant get you off my mind560
4.close my eyes473
5.couldnt care less about537
6.couldve been james dean604
7.crazy for this girl429
8.done hanging on maybe364
10.find in you373
11.from my head to my heart402
12.fuzzy-headed morning365
13.he shines375
14.hold on430
15.how many times407
16.how to keep the sky from falling423
17.i could fall409
18.if i tried389
19.is it all that great without me365
20.like the rain410
21.make it better411
23.marvin reprise499
24.nature co396
25.nothing and everything424
26.on the bus428
28.peace of mind340
29.pick up the phone432
30.ready or not581
31.say what505
32.show you sometime496
33.something else367
34.south of tennessee400
35.the distance403
36.there you are again375
37.think of me381
38.walk on water400
39.watching the rain355
40.where were you431
41.without you395
42.wouldnt it be nice to be proud510
43.you dont know me529
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