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the seduction ark sz

looks at the entrance and i am aware
of the smiles on their faces but why should i care
so i enter the cave that has more of a tomb
shadows have eyes and theyre talking to you

the tunes that they play sound familiar to me
a black hit of space on the steps around me
in the midst of it all the goddess arrives
shes totally naked - can i still believe in my eyes

shes coming closer, shes after my soul
shes telling me things that i already know:
this night is sacred, ill rip you apart...
ich will dich spuren und lieben auf meine art.

bring me the body
or bring me the man
aint no big deal
to bring on your nightmare

she is my destiny, shes breaking every rule
i guess its called addiction - i dont know what to do
cause there is no complaining my hands on her tights
just penetration, no tears and no alibis

bring me the body
or bring me the man
aint no big deal
to bring on your nightmare


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