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spawn ark sz

sometimes it seems ive seen
everything in this life
and i refuse to give in
does anybody have some time left to be nice
to someone he doesnt know, but
everybody takes what everybody needs
everybodys peeking at some others seeds
and hearts filled with envy
wont give anything to relieve
unless you sign the receipt

are we coming to the point of no return
are we still being fearless taking pride
in the moment the curtain is drawn
were giving the stuff to the spawn
the showm ust go on

sometimes it seems ive seen everything in this life
but then im glad to be wrong
when something happens and suddenly i feel surprised
not knowing whats to be done, cause
everybodys being lavish and at ease and
everybody suffers from mental disease
if hope hasnt vanished
theres something that we can believe in
until we get the meaning


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