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game of fools ark sz

i feel you, i see you
your eyes in tears but thats a lie
you told me not to give a damn
theres something you want
like being washed away and sometime
you feel like never felt before

now you are standing there
and somethings telling me
that you prefer some extraordinary fun
you came to me out of the web
and now its me whos spinning
guess it was you who made the rules

you like to play the game of fools
id rather fall apart
cause someone broke the rules
and that was you

youre lying there but you dont move
there is no use in running
the time is up to face the truth
how does it feel i give you paint
around your eyes a shade of blue
thats what you have been waiting for

ill make you go down on your knees
the partys just beginning
ill lead you to a better world
dont tell me that you didnt know
cause it was you who showed me how
so be prepared a last good bye

youve tried and death confronted
thats what you always wanted


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