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gone shootin ark sz

feel the pressure rise
hear the whistle blow
found a ticket of a roller chord
that i dont know
packed your heart in a travelling bag
and never said bye bye
something missing in the neighbourhood
all the crying eyes
i stirred my coffee with the same spoon
do a favourite tune

gone shootin
my babys gone shootin

wrap yourself around
like a second skin
backed a favourite nag
but she could never win
i took your number in another town
she took another pill
she was running in an overdrive
up until my overkill
she never made it past the bedroom door
what was she aiming for?

gone shootin
shes gone, gone gone gone

gone shootin
my babys gone shootin
im gonna have to get a gun
look out, look out
she could have anyone
she sure is loaded

i used to love her so


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