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bittersweet ark sz

it seems your joy is limited
it seems theres something i dont get
this certain sadness in your eyes
makes me believe in all your lies
when you say that you care
that you were true when i aint there
that no one in the world could
ever take my place, but there
these pants are not my own
and my hawaiia nshirts are gone
and no one in the world would
ever take your place, cause i am home

you call me bittersweet
and ever since i treat you like i do
you get a taste of bitterness
of what my broken mind can do

id love to make it happen
id love to give it all to you
ive been alone for far too long
alone without you feeling blue
theres something about you
something that fills my eyes with glue
something that stops my beating heart
cant keep my hands off you
you know whats on my mind
what i have been through all my life
the things im missing since the day
i went away to spend some time


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