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tears never dry ark sz

my only one what have i done?
and where have all the good times gone
how could i be so wrong
theres nowhere to hide nowhere to run
we used to have so much fun
there aint no sunshine when
my babys gone

nothing but your memory
sorrow and grief
in the air that i breathe
so much pain that
i cant hide
i wanna try, but the
tears never dry

now that i know why i exist
how can i go on without you?
you left me here without a clue
i cant say with words how
much ill miss

i wish that there was something
i could do
if i could turn back time you
know i would

now i hope my words
could somehow
guide the world today
into better ways
cause on the final day
there will be no more
words so say
no more games to play
love is the way



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