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angel one ark sz

i try to say something though
words are superfuuos
what would you do
if you had the choice

between an angel
and a creature made on earth
the one you seek is out of reach

so tell me why
i should let the earthling go
when still i know, that i cant get a grip
on that angel yet

how did you know
as i loved your body
my mind was with someone else
how did you know
i made my decision
and someones got to be hurt
sometimes people are meant to stay
maybe i will be someday

angel one, the decent perfection
a real bitch at the same time
but she wont let it show
cause she wont let herself go

so come on please
tell me the truth
show me the right poth to tread on
cause i cant set my hands
on the heaven sent
if you only knew how deep
i got myself into this mess
i deserve nothing less


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