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go down ark sz

ruby, ruby, where you been so long?
dont stop drinking whiskey baby since you been gone
aint no one i know do it as good as you
licking on that licking stick the way you do
you got the lips to make a strong man weak and a heathen brave
givin you the jump it aint the way you speak, lord its just the way

go down

mary, mary, youre the one for me
and the way you hum, sting like a bumble bee bzzzz
ill be around to see you about, about half past ten
aint felt this good since i dont know when
you got the touch that i need so much in your finger tips
i got honey what you love to taste on those lovely lips

so go down

oh baby, rub it on
???, youve been so lone
and no else got a touch like you
i let you do the things to me that no other women do
it feels good, it feels good, oh yeah

i loved it so much
you make a??? of a man

go down


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