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eternal, eternal arklar, eternal ark szleri
1. months595
2.all my love396
3.amazing grace574
4.angel of mine352
6.dont make me wait479
7.dont say goodbye504
8.dont you love me451
9.faith in love333
11.good thing388
12.grace under pressure390
13.how many tears404
14.hurry up421
15.i am blessed376
16.i wanna be the only one396
17.if you need me tonight408
18.it will never end548
19.its never too late668
20.ill be there524
21.im still crying533
22.just a step from heaven419
23.lets stay together531
24.might as well be me378
25.never gonna give you up461
26.oh baby i372
27.power of a woman366
29.redemption song353
30.save our love357
32.so good401
35.sweet funky thing327
36.telling you now304
37.think about me364
38.this loves for real497
39.up to you364
40.what do you mean when you say446
41.who are you369
42.why am i waiting368
43.your smile368
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