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down payment blues ark sz

i know that its evil
i know that its got to be
i know i aint doing much
doing nothing means a lot to me
living on a shoe string
a fifty cent millionaire
open to charity
rock n roller welfare

sitting in my cadillac
listening to my radio
suzy baby get on in
tell me where she want to go
im living in a nightmare
shes looking like a wet dream
i got myself a cadillac
but i cant afford the gasoline

ive got holes in my shoes
and im way overdue
down payment blues

get myself a steady job
some responsibility
cant even feed my cat
on social security
hiding from the rent man
oh it makes me want to cry
sheriff knocking on my door
aint it funny how the time flies

sitting on my sailing boat
sipping off my champaign
suzy baby all at sea
say she want to come again
feeling like a paper cup
blowing down a storm drain
got myself a sailing boat
but i cant afford (a cabaret?)



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