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water pistol man ark sz

when girls dressed in black they all look so lonely
and contraceptives dont get used by the horny
you cant find the key to the door in your building
but are you still willing
the responsibility becomes an afterthought
when one remembers the things that they shouldve bought
theres no pretending that you forgot
must everything in life have political ramifications
even taking kids on vacation or having a simple operation
but my friend billy told me that sometimes
it takes a grown man a long time to learn
just what it takes a child a night to learn
and my son proved his words

water pistol man full of ammunition
squirtin at fires on a worldwide mission
but did you ever think to stop to squirt
the flowers in your own backyard

for all my faux pas i never said excuse me
was the simplest things that always confused me
i never stopped i never looked both ways
must it always a tug of love between friends and work
hope to learn the meaning of the word jerk
before it happens to a rope round my neck
lets build a bigger telescope
so that we can see things more up close
farther away from where we really are
i was up the whole night before
reading books about places ill probably never go
and those arent good things to know about


when i feel with my heart, i know in my mind
i should say with my lips
but dont does that make you feel upset?
i should know that the power of one man seems like a small squirt
when he aims at the flames of the whole earth
but the fire starts at home...



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