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u cant sing r song ark sz

do you remember all those days
the way that you loved me in all those subtle ways
i can remember before you were gone
how when we heard our favorite song
on the radio youd smile at me and sing along

but you cant sing our song for no other lover
but you cant sing our song for no other love

you and me would go dancin after dark
long hot kisses and summer wishes in the park
new york detail the car
i never show up dirty on colored
peoples time id pick you up 11:30 late night
wed roll my hooptie down the boulevard
bumpin bass and rolling low like we was superstars
killing me softly with the way you whisper in my ear
come here my dear
theyre playing songs from back in yesteryear
the slow jammer the night programmer
the time to get undressed and where pajama slammer the car antenna...
picks up songs that belongs to us like birds of feather
like heatwave on scratchy forty five always forever


i was blind to blind to see i took
for granted the dope shit that you did for me i mistook
all your lovin for captivity
like ghetto boys i think my mind was playing tricks on me
i always wanted to let you know like aretha franklin
you sing just like the queen of soul
too many secrets in my heart i couldnt let it show
know i still want you and im sad
we had to let it go...



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