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people in tha middle ark sz

i am not a muslim but i read the final call
because within its pages there is something for us all
and i am not professional but i love basketball
the squeaking of the sneakers they echo in the hall
but if i dont have enemies im not doin my job
i might throw out a curve ball but i never throw a lob
people criticize me but i know its not the end
i try to kick the truth not just to make friends
but hey diddle diddle
to the people in the middle
we got hot wax
and it cookin on the griddle
got the guitar strummin
the drummer drummin
the people all hummin
and the vibe was lovin
on and on and on
til the breakadawn

i am not a jerk although sometimes i act like one
and i am deadly serious about us havin fun
well i go many places but i know im not with you
and i am not a sucker even though im stuck on you
each one- should teach one and share with one anotha
so many is out there-thats livin undercover
your motha your fatha your sista your brotha
your friends and their enemies all have their lovers

so tell me- the definition of a sell-out
cast your first stone-but then get the hell out
people say they know me i can tell you that they dont
people say they own me i can tell you that they wont
the left and the right they all try to use me
but ill be in they faces before they can abuse me
so roll down ya window and listen what im sayin
relax ya mind and let the band keep playin
on and on and on til the breakadawn


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