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love is da shit ark sz

say when you called me that night
to tell me that things
they werent goin alright with your boyfriend
was it me or did you just need somebody to talk to
say is it you or the fact that i cant be near you
that keeps you in the front of my mind
when your breath is the last thing that you say
when your voice goes away
and a breath is the last thing that you say

but the warmth of your lips on my fingertips wont go away
when i drop my head in my hands and play
the memory of that might in l.a.
again and again and again
because i cant think straight and i cant sleep late
the few times we shared i try to recreate
i know this is wrong better stop this talk
cause grass can grow up through a crack in the sidewalk
and what i see when i look in your eyes
grass thats truly greenest sprouting inside
i wasnt even looking when i realized
that you had the vibe that was my fertilizer
thought love in this world was dead and buried and gone
how could i be so cynical when i was so young
you hit me in the chest like and 808 boom
i found love is the shit that makes life bloom!


love is the shit that makes life bloom
and you never know when you might step in it!
love is the shit that makes life bloom
and you never know when you might...

but fate is like a pigeon that follows me around
sometimes he flies ahead and he brings me what he found
then hell drop it on my head leave me numb
from the brain down
thats the way it was when i walked upon your ground

the irrepressible and impermissable
are the two things that have made my life miserable
cause spirits dont leave if you dont talk about em
and memories come back when you dont think aabout em
i wish i had an ocean of some magic potion
id trade all this emotion for a few moments of motion
ive never felt this way some things cant be rehearsed
now im grindin up my gearbox tryin to find reverse


but i want to keep on walkin
right through
and let this fellin rock me
"ya know fallin in love is like easing into a hot tub.
it feels good on your feet but by the time you
get to your mid section you know your either
gonna get all the way in or all the way out!"

but music brings me comfort in this grieving hour
the sade tape tells me its all over for now
i listen read hard but dont dare play it loud
cause i dont wanna think what you might be doin now
sometimes it feels like a bad initiation but you
woke my hear from a long hibernation
you were worth every risk so i gave my hear room
and now im deep in the doo-doo
that makes life bloom


see the flowers bloomin in the springtime
see the bees zoomin in the sunshine


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