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keep me lifted ark sz

so i gotta get lifted! all night yea, yea!
(hip hop business lift up america)
keep me lifted
(hip hop business lift up america)
so i gotta get lifted! all night yea, yea!
(you remind me of my herb you keep me lifted!)
keep me lifted!

im the dread lock producer
some call me medusa
salaams and shaloms introduce ya
a rooster waking up the whole coopsta
spearheaded man him nice haffe move ya
sshh... understand why we sweatin
makin love in the wake of armageddon
forgettin - babylon need a lesson
drop the tech and use my tongue as a weapon
listen - i come to lubricate the friction
sound system purrin with my diction
frantz fanon the wretched of the earth home
phenomenon be goin on and on
sailing along a likkle song
by the record take it home and fling it on


hey yo i am the glory-fied of the story
child of a high crime rate category
they explore connect me to an i.q. test
like a rat in a cage im trapped with the rest projects
but now i make my life go flip
like malcolm comin out the pen and shit
upliftment from a triffin scene
to make a blind man murder for the things he seen
to believe is different than the daily bear witness
the spots filled up with the cocaine business
bullets trigger be pulled by the beast
kids paralyzed from his neck to his feet layin way low
smokin more and more...
seein shapes in the chipped paint of my frame window
with slow visions of me livin in the future
with forty, forty acres, acres and a land cruiser


alpha-betical abcds come gettable
the brown brotha with the tone unforgettable
its edible, every word be gourmet-able
mecca lekka shake ya hiney ho incredible
really though ya gettin sick it when ya hear it so
im bringin with it biorhytmical medical
anti- always dope my biotic
macrobiotic organic narcotic
the hemp is kemp, like kemp on hemp
super like sonics keep it real like rent so
ti tac toe me say all in a row
donkey want water me say "hold him joe"
my stereo killed the video star just like arsenio hall
so tall like the rain i never back fall
young lifted and black yall



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