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hole in the bucket ark sz

(money money money money nothin but
i work 9 to 5 but it starts in the p.m.
and i love the sunrise so i step out in the a.m.
the street is black and shiny from the early
nightly rainin
the glory of the light it brings evaporation
mornings fresh oxygen cleanest
i take a deep hit help my mind stay the greenest
im already wake so im not drinkin coffee
dont wanna cigarrette, cause its a form of slavery
walk into the store cause i need a few items
the sun heats the blood like a hit of vitamins
needa buy some food and some poo for my dreads
cant remember why but i need a spool of thread
man with dirty dreads, steps around the comer
he asks me for a dime, a nickel or a quarter
i dont have any change so im steppin along
and as im walkin past he sings to me a song...

theres a whole in the bucket dear liza, dear

the day is pickin up cause im hummin his song
the buses and the people all keep movin along
to the shopkeeper i say "wassup?"
and im thinkin about the man whos holdin up the cup
i pay for all the stuff and get a pocketful of change
should i give it to the mans the question in my brain
whats gonna happen if i give the man a dime?
i dont wanna pay for anotha brothas wine
whats gonna happen if i give the man a quarter?
will he find a dealer and try to place an order?
whats gonna happen if i give the man a nickel
will he buy some food or some pork thats been pickled?
im not responsible for the mans depression
how can i find compassion in the midst of recession?
how come all these questions keep fuckin with my head
and i still cant rememba why i need a spool of thread.


hes starin in my eyes just as im walkin past
im tryin to avoid him cause i know hes gonna ask
me about the coinage that is in my pocket
but i dont know if i should put it in his bucket
walk right past him to think about it more
back at the crib im openin up the door
a pocketful of change it dont mean alot to me
my cup is half full but his is empty
i put back on my cap and i start headin back
i reach into my pocket and i have a heart attack
well as im diggin deep i scream "oh no!"
theres nothin in the pocket but a great big hole
while i was busy thinkin if he would buy smack
the jingle in my pocket it slipped through the cracks
no one has the change and its fuckin up my head
but now i no the reason why i had to buy the thread!



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