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gas gauge the worlds in your hands ark sz
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gas gauge the worlds in your hands ark sz

at days arrival one man at the table eatin corn flakes
checkin out the paper his brother walks in from a hard nights caper
half hungover and looking for his pager
whats in the news today did we find a saviour
nah im just looking for some part time labor
by the way did you remember put the gas in my ride
or must i remind ya how i lost my last job
chill with all that chatter ya know ya need to stall
trust me baby bro thats what big brothas for uh uh
i got interviews today so dont even front about my broken gas gauge
by the way things are looking its a very good day
if i could ever find my wallet ill be on my way
bigger brotha steps to his girlfriends place
just then the phone rings and it was moms to say
remind ya big brotha its your cousins birthday
and ima need a half dozen eggs for the cake
no problem moms ill tell him later in the day
but now i cant find my wallet gotta go im late

the worlds in your hands dont waste...
dont waste your time

back to the saga the car wouldnt start up jjjjhhhh..jjjjhhhh
there he goes now hes rolling like a baller
out of the city and into the woods
for a job with a hammer where the pay is good
reaches in the back seat for his favorite tape
uuuh a condom from his brothas last date
damn my lazy no good brotha and just as he says it
the car starts to sputter and sputter
until it outright stops the gas tank empty
not even a drop im gonna choke that nigga when i reach my spot
three miles from no place and now i gotta walk
to the top of the hill and down again
round the bend page my broth from the old fruit stand
the phone ring rings yo its me your big brotha
i told ya not to sweat me when im laying with my lover what!
you punk ass broke muthafukka i told ya cut the crap
when it came to my endeavors chill baby bro and dont even start it
theres a gallon in the trunk andif ya need more fart it
some of my shit along with ya lost wallet
is in the glove box kid, the mystery solv-en
take whats yours and leave mine where ya saw it
my babys calling gotta go stay solid


so he hung up the phone in a rush to leave
i forgot to tell my brotha bout the cake recipe
star 69 so he pushed it in but
by now the bigger brotha was pursuing some skins
the phone ring rings - dont answer it its my little brotha
calling fuckin with me again
so he beeped him back a one two more times
but he was already naked with his valentine
damn - i gotta - get back to the ride
what the hells going on with this day of mine
once again up the hill down the other side
what the fucks a cop doin snooping by my ride
yo officer - check it - out everything is fine
i just ran outta gas and now im running outta time
slow down boy this aint no race
i can tell you kinda people aint from this place
tell ya what turn around put ya hands on the hood
and ya best act good just like a good boy should
listen up holdup - im speaking the truth
see im just trying to get to this here job interview
shut them lips boy dont let em get no bigger
or im gonna have to say i was attacked by a nigger
now if you wanna make it through the morning with me
i suggest you wise up and show me valid i.d.
chill man - awright - problem - we solve it
my brotha put my wallet in the glove box compartment
awight you can get it but ya dont move quick
just remember im behind ya with a full up clip
he opens up the box and to their surprise
out pops a wallet and the bigger brothers nine
the cop shouts "freeze" raise ya hand kid
he reaches for his wallet and the cop goes blam
damn - pulp fiction in the car
another dead homey tryin a find a job mmm mmm mmm
back at the crib bigger brotha laying up
and girlfriend says maybe you should give ya little brother a call
and dont forget its ya cousins birthday after all
i will in a minute please let me be
i think he left me a message on the message machine
big brotha - im gonna be home late
and im afraid that my day has been great
can i remind you if its not too late
to get a half dozen eggs for the birthday cake


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