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food for the masses ark sz

i love family
cause family brings inspirations
one love to you and peace to all the nations
aztlan the puerto rican and jamaican
the african the maori, kouri and the haitian
on the chocolate reservation
ill take a hit and then pass the information
to the left hand side and
keep providin, pride and,
sustenance and guidance
mass hysteria fools breaking down the barrier
militant cliques big up the area
put your fist in the air now,
show me that cha care now
and that cha really know how
dont get thee behind me satan
ill keep thee in front so i can kick thee in the ass and
assassinate all your wicked inventions
your new world order and your global intentions
not to mention the department of corrections
makin money off of people in detention
doin time for possessions
countin the days in the dark they buildin up aggressins
progressions all the dirty lessons
in the belly of the beast only god hears confessions
geronimo pratts still sittin in the cellar
done as many years as they did mandela
parole board wanted to know are you remorseful
how could i be becouse i didnt do the crime yo
yalls the motha fuckas thats guilty
lockin me in solitary eight years of filthy
kill the messanger, you cant kill the message
yo im bringin food for the masses

for the masses for the masses
mental food food for the masses
for the masses for the masses for the true for the true
for the masses for the masses
mental food food for the masses
for the masses for the masses for the true for the true

so lets eat have a seat
call the maitre d
commencin with the riddim
i get open on the beat
let em say what they say about the way that we be
its the year two triple o
they cant stop we
awight, sellassie i the book unfolds
i write cause half the story has never been told so
no one can stop it the whole worlds droppin out the socket
blowin up, like nasa when i rock it
the high tech ways of the civilized man
cant stand my people but ya love the sun tan
fly the space shuttle like dancer and prancer
you nuke the north pole now you got skin cancer
the answer you see im fly like lufthansa
you can valujet but you takin big chances
on crashes. change your name like cassius
the classes be making food for the masses
then shift to a speed thats common for the listeners
mcs and wanna be street politicians
in competition with the envious visions
they chasin paper dollars to a pop chart prison
but listen this isnt me against you
cause the whole worlds checking out the things that we do
ya sold your soul to the saint ides brew
thats awight i like the sprite in you



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