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dream team ark sz

red black green, red gold green
dats how we know we a fe we dream team

the other day
a friend gave me a call
he said that the dream team was playin basketball
was so excited / that i hadda get a witness
the first time the nba was in the lympics
players from the east/ players from the west
and you can bet that they took the very best
("except they left tim hardaway at home"
"yeah that was hella fucked up!")
but anyway
i tuned in because i was hella psyched
to see magic johnson on the same team as mike

gettin crazy / havin lots of fun
makin sure that they got the job done
fans were wavin the red white end blue
it seemed strange to me / was it strange to you?
brothas on the street / and everyone is scared a ya
so how could ten africans represent america?
bullshit / it didnt mean a thing
cause in the same year / we saw rodney king
so i thought / that i would put a team together
a team that i have been waitin for forever
some a you / may know what i mean
but if you dont then / lemme introduce you to...
my dream team!
"spearhead in the area!"

this is my dream team, my dream team
my dream team, my dream team

well chuck dsannouncin/ flavas doin color
halftime enterntainment by dre and ed lover
malcolm x is the coach hes drawin up the strategy
hes choppin up americas anatomy
cause theyre the ones/ were up against of course
are general manager is chief crazy horse
huey newton/ cause he was extra hard
hes the one/ who would be playin at the shootin guard
i dreamed charles barkley would be
played by marcus garvey
hed be throwin people off his back and makin
sure they never got a rebound rebound / and
hed throw it to the outlet
nat turner/ cause he can turn the corner when
hes out there
he be flyin through the air/ throwin passes like
he really doesnt care/behind the back /and in
between the legs
hes handlin the rock /as gently as an egg
hes throwin it in/ to angela daviss neighborhood
shes postin up down in the extra hard wood
she grabs the pill/ and then she puts her shoulder down
get out the way/ cause shes gonna throw down now
boom /oh my god! i just cant believe it
get anotha backboard or bettah yet leave it.
we always play for fun /but we always play for keeps
the game is over and the losers gotta sweep.
up the glass/ that we busted in the ass
set the record straight /about americas past
this is my dream team
"spearhead in the area!"

dream teams in the house
dream teams in the house

well after doin that /we be headin for the ceremony
hand on the heart /is a bunch of baloney
the spirit of/ the 68 olympics
black power people/ can i get a witness
fist in the air/ this is proper manners
while jimi hendrix/ is fuckin up the spangled banner
up into the sky/ miles davis blows a horn
look into the bleachers/ its bill clinton sellin popcorn
so now we jump! and we have a celebration!
shaquille 0neal would provide the entertainment
to some of you this is a far fetched scheme
but to me... ill tell you what it is...
this is my dream team...
"spearhead in the area"


yeah sista rosa perks she gets the first seat
on the bench!
and dr. king, webring him in in a pinch.

because i like to shoot hoops not brothas!
beceuse i like to shoot hoops not brothas!
because i like to shoot hoops not brothas!
because i like to shoot hoops not brothas!


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