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comin to gitcha ark sz

and the lord spoke unto moses,
"go unto pharaoh and say unto him,
thus say the lord, let my people go, that they may serve me.
and if thou refuse to let them go, behold,
i will smite all thy border with frogs..."

im comin to gitcha
im comin to gitcha
im comin to gitcha
im... comin...to gitcha

babe im sick and tired of bein alone and
i call 911 up the phone and
your like ebola in my system
im sick with you but your the serum
voo doo be tuggin on my apron see and
i can feel screamin jay hawkins possessin me and
damned in reckless abandon,
imagine suspended in the canyon


i dont understand i feel like im goin crazy cause i
i wanna feel you in my... i dont know what... im gonna do cause
i have these dreams about followin you with my hands...
and i get all nervous cause i... i wanna call you up and i...


baby makin music for the massive global telecommunication
aboriginol black militia broadcastin system
the chocolate melter, the helter skelter
the skull rattler, the bush doctor
the part the red sea boom shocka
una bomber super jamma
jungle business melt in the mic not in your hand
jah! master mind the master plan



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