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why ark sz

falling back into an empty chair.
crawling out and seeing nothing there.
why waste my time when im happy?
slipping back into my honest world.
taking things just to feel the swirl.
why waste my time when i am here
i can do what i dream when i fear.
selling out and getting what i want.
take a pick and i will get the lock.
why waste my time when im complete?
grab the walls in the toilet block
i hit my head and i flush the lot.
why waste my time when im fine
in the ways that ive set in my life?
my arms are protesting a weakness in me.
my hands are a tool to remind me.
my eyes complicated enough dont see.
my fingers they curl back and witness to my face.
drifting in and out reality.
your own reflection is bewailingly.
but you still smile and keep things
up with the people on the concrete slab
when you get in ttouble you catch a cab
waking up, drifting to the welfare door
spend all your money till you hit the floor
youve been takien to another place
youre lying down but youre in this race
dont ever think run away
turn around and look at all you have
the gift of god is much greather than
you cannot die when you have life.


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