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taste test ark sz

seeing how the world is a fast direction.
one blink can cause mass destruction.
one word and its instant satisfaction.
go riding on the arms of gratification.
gravels on the road of your destination
but youve drifted into your own vacation.
driving a car through an open shop window.
grabbing the goods like a stressed out weasel.
alarms call the shots, even after youre gone.
just taste test the world, just taste test the world.
cant stop the ringing that comes from a phone.
fantasy, reality blurs and it moans at me.
person to person i cant seem to meet.
im offering my all but i cant move my feet.
and ive no answer but troubles recall.
they play like a moving picture when.
i sink, fall, sliding in and
i dine alone in my own facade.
ive got these needs and the playing cards.
deal from the pack that i rgged before.
received me an ace then a seven then a four.
spinning the wheel for the magical number.
fresh for the kid which has had no slumber.
ive really never had a day before.
i gave myself away so its love i saw.
life is mud when you feel like this
but soon happiness will make me forget.
feeling real good is what counts to me.
my money has provided this security.
my bodys injected so here i lie.
but meaning is something that i cannot buy


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