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cruel bagged then snagged is how i want things done.
i want the best in my life and ill please anyone.
im strapped into this chair watching tv thats aired live across the globe, i smell!
throw your attention over here ive got something to say
it wont change your life, but thats "cool" these days.
and now an ad is on.
the show is gone from the box in front of me.
my eyes are burning radiation from the microwave thats on its cooking my meal,
its a tv dinner and i think its fake veal.
you cant burn it in the microwave and if i did, hey, i could order out anyway.
you cant burn it in the microwave and if you did, hey.
youve been created from an image of love.
youve been created in an image of god.
too complex i go to rest i cant seem to get things done.
im a woman with a mouth and im prepared to switch it on.
ive just come back from all this walking cause im losing weight
was talking with a friend of sharons mum, fat was out, i looked dumb.
i saw myself in the mirror and i guess im getting thinner.
ive been taking all these pills, i better eat some meals
but whats the point? will i see clearer or will i be bigger?
i go to church every sunday, but when it comes monday
im back at work where i scream and curse
i talk real dirty to people make them think im real cool
my lifes so simply complex
i leave small groups are on, but what is that as i slam down the phone.


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