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eric benet, eric benet arklar, eric benet ark szleri
1.all in the game450
3.come as you are445
4.dust in the wind468
6.georgy porgy feat faith evans374
7.ghetto girl feat meshell ndegiocello518
8.if you want me to stay411
9.ill be there636
10.just friends389
12.lets stay together515
13.lets stay together midnight mix536
14.love of my own381
15.love the hurt away358
16.loving your best friend407
17.more than just a girlfriend374
18.poetry girl378
19.something real371
20.spend my life with you feat tamia365
21.spiritual thang375
22.thats just my way513
23.true to myself387
24.what if we was cool408
25.when you think of me feat roy ayers397
26.while you were here396
27.why you follow me578
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