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alice cooper, alice cooper arklar, alice cooper ark szleri
1.adaptable anything for you451
2.alma mater460
3.apple bush502
4.aspirin damage483
5.ballad of dwight fry415
6.bb on mars539
7.be my lover609
8.beautiful flyaway417
9.bed of nails484
10.below your means498
11.big apple dreamin489
12.billion dollar babies400
13.black juju499
14.blue turk789
15.burning our bed422
16.caught in a dream408
17.changing arranging385
18.chop, chop, chop441
19.clones were all462
20.cold ethyl490
22.crazy little child335
24.damned if you do439
25.dance yourself to death427
26.dangerous tonight424
27.dead babies443
28.department of youth420
30.devils food452
31.didnt we meet499
32.die for you417
33.dirty dreams487
34.dont talk old to me555
36.earwigs to eternity402
38.enoughs enough505
40.feed my frankenstein434
41.fields of regret409
42.former lee warmer361
44.fresh blood419
45.from the inside388
47.generation landslide340
48.generation landslide407
49.give it up393
50.give the kid a break435
51.give the radio back408
52.go to hell422
53.going home434
54.great american success story392
55.grim facts412
57.gutter cats vs the jets393
58.hallowed be my name424
59.halo of flies406
60.hard hearted alice626
62.hell is living without you468
63.hello hooray430
64.hey stoopid460
65.hes back the man behind the mask441
66.house of fire399
67.hurricane years376
68.i am the future401
69.i better be good432
70.i like girls438
71.i love the dead685
72.i never cry403
73.i never wrote those songs442
74.is it my body391
75.its hot tonight667
76.im alive that was the day my dead pet470
77.im always chasing rainbows501
78.im eighteen524
79.im the coolest543
80.im your gun610
82.king of the silver screen437
83.lace and whiskey417
84.laughing at me511
85.lay down and die, goodbye540
86.leather boots385
87.levity ball583
88.life and death of the party413
89.little by little474
91.lock me up441
92.long way to go441
93.looney tune405
94.loves a loaded gun561
95.make that money430
96.man with the golden gun482
98.might as well be on mars434
99.millie and billie410
100.model citizen474
101.mr and misdemeanor515
102.muscle of love474
103.my god433
104.my stars433
105.never been sold before401
106.no baloney homosapiens397
107.no longer umpire500
108.no mans land546
109.no more love at your convenience404
110.no more mr nice guy405
111.not that kind of love351
112.nuclear infected430
113.nurse rozetta343
114.only my heart talkin614
115.only women bleed464
117.pass the gun around410
119.prettiest cop on the block411
120.prince of darkness385
121.public animal417
122.raped and freezin409
124.refrigerator heaven543
125.remarkably insincere450
126.return of the spiders377
127.road rats459
128.roses on white lace401
129.scarlet and sheeba393
130.schools out545
131.second coming445
132.seven and seven is344
133.shoe salesman421
134.sick things442
135.simple disobedience417
136.sing low, sweet cheerio371
137.skeletons in the closet417
139.some folks402
140.spark in the dark411
141.step on you392
143.still no air1038
144.sun arise553
145.tag, youre it491
146.talk talk427
147.teenage frankenstein425
148.teenage lament374
149.the awakening512
150.the black widow424
151.the quiet room450
152.the world needs guts361
153.this maniacs in love with you453
154.thrill my gorilla416
155.time to kill449
156.today mueller536
158.trick bag403
159.ubangi stomp472
160.under my wheels384
161.unfinished sweet358
162.vicious rumours373
163.wake me gently375
164.welcome to my nightmare394
165.who do you think we are405
166.why trust you387
167.wind-up toy471
168.wish i were born in beverly hills473
169.wish you were here449
170.woman machine504
171.working up a sweat368
172.yeah, yeah, yeah414
173.years ago550
174.you and me399
175.you drive me nervous489
176.you gotta dance438
177.youre a movie436
178.zorros ascent803
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