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happy dispatch ark sz

"help me!" scream these words from the tv nightly.
"my familys been shot to death" seems to find no answer.
the music on the radio is louder then a death.
you tune in you turn it and then you switch it off.
the music on the radio is softer if the person that is dying is your family or your friend.
surreal twist of fate, they dont deserve to be there.
victims of society most power is all formed from greed, why cant we see this?
brothers sisters need to learn to love each other but who cares about this phrase if
im so happy with my life
and all ive done like the stuff i did in high school with my friends
can you even compete with the life that i have had brother cause if you cant shut it
i dont want to hear that about the way youre talking what youre doing.
see what the problem is, its us!
if we just stand still, then we will realize that we are single minded
and we are self-centered!


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