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desire of the son of morning ark sz
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desire of the son of morning ark sz

i can crawl into your mind, see
i can always cut you down to my size, huh?
always have to watch cause im on the prowl,
24 just to find a bit of space that is vacant inside.
you give me credit for my smartness
but your mono minds complicate my simplicity.
not omni-present but i wish i was.
i am just a scar if you had been born to the king.
ive got a problem: i cant move within your ways
youve got a solid that ive never moved away
and i desire you to die!
i am persistent and i will not give you in.
i lusted you from the moment you changed skin.
so please, wont you be me?
youve got to like me.
even when youre at the top i will still go possess you.
when youre in distress i will come concentrate all my energy
create a distraction that will form a way, its a simple equation.
crawl to my side
i am here, and im waiting
for you to dine in my arms
come and make me!
you cant deny me!
ill even shine like an angel
and everyone will think that i am something beautiful.
people will worship the thing that i am
just as long as they dont see my hate.
i cannot give my soul to you.
a perfect friend took it far away from me.


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