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the interview ark sz

[woman interview]
whats good everybody?
its your girl alana d.
chillin with my boy the boy slim thug
hes from texas
now son youve been doin it real big for awhile
but please, tell us whats the secret to your success?

im a bonafide hustla
used to have to bust bricks down in half
in order to see the cash
thats in the past
niggas outta see the stash
went straight to the bentley
skilled, the s-class
i was a star before i signed autographs
this the beginning, yall aint seen my last
when i call myself a hustla,
i aint talking about moving rocks
im talkin bout them 9s and them aks and them glocks
when yall was on the corner
out there runnin from them cops
i was out there sellin all them local crack spots
boyz in blue and we creep deep
motherfuckin police
we make the rules in the streets nigga

[woman interviewer]
i feel you
i feel you
now we talk about the style of texas
now many seem to think cause you got that texas style
thats gonna limit your success
tell us what you think about that

im an h-town nigga
so fuck yall niggas
got a fo-fo thatta buck yall niggas
stay out my way
cause nigga im not for play
ya niggas say you gs
that must mean you niggas gay
hes from h-town
but he dont stay where i stay
im from the land of the killers
he dont lay where i lay
so get it right motherfuckers
dont try to put me in the same shoes as them suckers
theres a real thick line between rhymers and some hustlas
them niggas aint no gangstas,
them niggas is some bustas

[woman interviewer]
okay talk to em
i see you here with all these diamonds, all these chains
you drivin around in bentleys
but i dont ever see you with any security,
please, whats the word on that

pistol grip pump in my lap at all times
they be checkin other fools, but they aint checkin mine
you run up tryin you gon be lyin down dyin
when you hear that clock clock sound comin out of the iron
i aint no fuckin punk, i suggest you niggas chill
cause if i pop this trunk, then somebody gon get killed
this aint no rap act, my nigga im really real
go on run your ass up, and watch me stop you with the steel
niggas must be on peel, cause its evident they
think the boss went soft cause i got a record deal
i do this rap shit cause makin hits pay my bills
and i could give a fuck what you other suckers feel
for real

[woman interviewer]
aight yo, keep doin your thing
we lookin out for you brother
you got anything else in the works
what can we expect from you in the future?

boys in blue, comin soon


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