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playa you dont know ark sz

[pharrell in background]

[intro - slim thug (pharrell)]
tell me when to go.. tell me when to go (cmon!)
(you aint think we was gon do what we gon do niggaz!)
(what!) straight from the streets of h-town
(turn this shit the fuck up!) slim thugga!
boss hogg outlawz! (hahaha) star trak!

[chorus - slim thug]
playa you dont know
you aint seen nothing like this here before
playa you dont know
you aint seen nothing like this here before
you aint seen them boyz how they get that dough
late night at the club pulling drank and dro
put 100 grand up just to get that ho
next day right back on the block for more, noo

[verse - slim thug]
attention! all my gs getting money hit the dance floor
and show the club what we out here getting grands for
a double shot on the rocks, what you playing for
buy a bottle by the bar, get your mans dough
you know me fella, same ol thug
wit the chicks and drugs up in the club
dro smoke, getting high wit my folks
red eyes, im a hide behind gucci shades lotes (?)
hos say im a dog nigga, naw im a hogg nigga
i got money, so fuck it im a ball nigga
them other boys just out here rapping it
while im a young nigga out here having it


[verse - slim thug]
i make boys get they weight up, haters get they hate up
when you see tha boss coming i suggest you put ya date up
cause the jacob looking good and it match wit the piece
errbody wanna know whats that on the boy teeth
ear lobes on hang, eight karats outta tell
it cost a baller 100 gs for a pair, yeah
im getting money and it feel real good mayne
and aint a damn thing changed, im still hood mayne
all the broads used to cap, wanna fuck now
cause they see a young nigga getting bucks now!
i pull up in the range truck like what now
its real strange how they wanna get cut now


[bridge - pharrell williams]
do the soulja bounce! do the soulja bounce! (how you do it?)
ya let ya shouldas bounce! ya let ya shouldas bounce!
just let ya shouldas bounce! let ya shouldas bounce!
just let ya shouldas bounce! let ya shouldas bounce!

[verse - slim thug]
i mean it aint much to talk about
when everyday i walk about a million dollar house
like a motherfucking boss!
if i want it im a get it, it dont matter what it cost
you aint gotta take my word, ask them boys down south
you aint gotta take they word, you can find me on the north
take a trip to my city, ask somebody where tha boss?
used to hit the hood, trunk full of things of that south
now im getting 16 for 16s out my mouth
so it aint shit to me to look clean when i floss
in the wide body slab with the candy blue gloss
i aint worried bout them haters gon talk whachu talk
im on the grind getting mine, nigga fuck whachu though!

[chorus - repeat 2x]


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