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incredible feelin ark sz

(feat. jazze pha)

[intro - jazze pha]
so incredible! ladies and gentlemen!
this - is a jazze phazelle, slim thugga
slim thug! collaborinzale!
oh boy! oh boy! oh boy!

[chorus - jazze pha]
its such an incredible feeling
in this past year i done made a few million
i tried to hide it, but aint no concealing
stacking my paper, up to the ceiling
(i pimp) pimping since pimping been pimping
macking since macking been macking
yall niggaz talking, but me and my niggaz make it happen (i pimp)
yall niggaz talking, but me and my niggaz make it happen
yall niggaz talking, but me and my niggaz make it happen

[verse - slim thug]
slim having major change man, and it aint no secret
with them diamonds chains and rings, it aint hard to peep it
you can catch me in the shopping mall, rediculous bash
check my restroom trash, all i do is pop tags (pop tags)
and drop rags off of show room floors
fa sho, i change loads like hos change clothes
the whole industry knows, how we roll down in texas
phantom rolls on 24s, rose gold diamond necklace
slim shows and tell, so these hos know me well
i been closing candy doors since pac was in jail
hell, i cant complain its a beautiful feeling
from being broke on ya ass to having cash to the ceiling


[verse - slim thug]
i was a mill plus before this record deal stuff
you niggaz talking but we walking shit, for real wit us
they think we country and aint up on game
until they see them different colors in the boss hogg chain
or the blue spray bentley valeted outside of the club
is that 50 or jay-z? naw baby its thug
and i aint playing in no league, or on teams with steve
i aint get this from no settlement that i didnt receive
please believe, the world aint seen too many mes
i dont think the lord created a lot of these gs
cause these days i just sit back enjoying the feeling
i was broke on my ass now my cash to the ceiling


[verse - jazze pha]
pimping aint dead! these hos just scared!
you see it everywhere, but it starts in ya head
next comes the bread, shits sweet like jiffy
used to do beats for a g, but now a nigga get fifty
its my time to shine, hard times behind me (bling!)
forty gold and platinum plaques! and still climbing
and if i lose money, then the paper come find me
said i was through with rapping, till sho nuff signed me
thank god for the change, cause errbody aint able
made a mill slanging beats, thats not including my label
jazze pha, sho nuff, every crib with some cable
i got a dollar worth of dimes in my stable

[chorus - repeat 2x]


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