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(feat. pharrell)

[slim thug]
my nigga sleep dog, you showed a young nigga how to ball
never settled for small, my dog had it all
i cant believe you gone, im trying to stay strong
damn what the fuck went on, when you went wrong
i remember the call on my phone, saying my nigga was gone
i never seen corn and sha, look so alone
this was the worst day, you died on cogo birthday
it hurt me, to see that look on they face
we all gathered on the block, everybody in shock
that day, it felt like the world came to a stop
we lost a major dude, one of our click team captains
i got numb, when i heard how it happened damn
fake niggaz and hoes showing up, like they feel how we feel
still trying to be down, but shit we know who all real
we dont want no more friends, our family complete
we just got one sleeping six feet deep, my nigga

its fucked up when a dog gotta die, when he trying to get his bone
i dedicate this to my niggaz gone
you know the type that just try to keep a steak on the table, while they home
i dedicate this to my niggaz gone
this for my niggaz on the left and right of jesus, while he sitting on his throne
i dedicate this to my niggaz gone
and to them niggaz that shot ya when we see you, best believe that its on
i dedicate this to my niggaz gone

my nigga use to ride with me (yep), get high with me (yep)
and fly with me (yep), slice them pies with me (yep)
spray them guys for me (yep), and die for me (yep)
but (damn fool), why this way

[slim thug]
im still not over my nigga stessa, stank you still missed
my life was getting a lot better, until i ran into this
a tragedy a gangsta, my nigga had to be
lil cheif dont know whats going on, and shit thats sad to see
cortiana a star, we gon watch over her man
courtney, she kinda know but she dont really understand
whats going on, i-pop and heaven at home
my nigga kept his family first, so i know where he gone
he left corn with a lot to look after, he can take it
not from your mother but we your brothers, so i know you gon make it
you got sha you got chad, you got troy you got me
ray, ed, mo, shannon and kenny g
we your family nigga, so wipe the tears from your eyes
stay focused get your paper, and stay on the rise
you a hustler, and a jacker cant take that
your brother sleep gone, cause haters hate my nigga


my nigga use to ride with me (yep), get high with me (yep)
and fly with me (yep), slice them pies with me (yep)
spray them guys for me (yep), and die for me (yep)
but (damn fool), why this way

[slim thug]
we had to wait crying, our dog a victim of a hate crime
these haters hate, cause he shined at all times
seeing the way sleep dog ball, made a nigga chase paper
remember the day you gave me your chain, at my show at the maker
get your shine on youngster, we love to see that
when i put candy on the excursion, he loved to see that
we showed up, sleep part of the reason i blowed up
when them haters saw how hard we ball, they fold up
he lived life to the fullest, everything to the extreme
done so much, i think my nigga ran out of dreams
from cars clothes to hoes, competition is none
we had fun, like nelly say we number one
i know sha gon hold your name, and keep the click on game
now i dont like to ride solo, i stay with a gang
went from a sawed off gauge, to three aks believe that



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