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already platinum ark sz

(feat. pharrell williams)

[pharrell williams]
ha-ha-ha-hah hah hah hah hah

[intro - slim thug]
yeah! yeah! slim thugga!
i dont think they ready for this beat
we gon take them boys to texas right quick

[verse - slim thug]
you know tha boss talk shit, walk shit, floss shit
like it dont cost shit, thats why im tha boss bitch
got a million worth of cars, bought a million dollar house
from making words rhyme out my million dollar mouth
you can see the watch gloss when you see tha boss walk
i keep my lips closed cause it cost when i talk
im so flashy, rims so glassy
pull the dropper out, we gon show them boys nasty
hood rats harrass me, i dont want the drama
they wanna get put up so they could be me baby mama
but im a chill, id rather work wood wheel
and throw them vogues and grills on candy automobiles
im still tipping on vogues, closing candy blue doors
from the old caddy coupe to the new blue rolls
im from the hood living good, so im pimping
i aint got my plaque in yet, but im already platinum

[chorus - slim thug (2x)]
mayne im already platinum
mayne im already platinum
you know im already platinum
mayne im already platinum

[verse - pharrell williams]
skating ass mister, money making ass mister
that star trak sign getting way damn bigger
put snoop in a coupe, i put slim in a slab
i put them motherfuckers out wit that one-two jab
wit the - glamorous jewels, wit the chandelier hues
everytime i wave my wrist it makes the channel 3 news
in that 100 ex, that two-door shit
look in my rear view, listen youre too close thicke
you got it wrong, i dont touch the heaters
though my ice cream sneakers got the drug dealer beepers
dont let your ego eat ya, shh! let me teach ya
all that brrrr make ya chest look just like some pizza
huh!! you see whats happening, we king kong smashing em
when new bitches is on my arm, the paparazzi is snapping em
the futures ours - and yours is blackening
me and tha boss nigga, we already platinum


[verse - pharrell williams]
you aint saying shit, youre weak and prom too
im making money making beats, and plus i pop too
playa chill, dont get ya body chopped & screwed
have ya sucking through a straw just to opt for food
about face and walk our way on too
let the ladies in here do what they gon do
seem like my wrist been dipped in diamond fondue
its not just me, my man got one too

[verse - slim thug]
i got my mind on cash and my grind on smash
nowadays i gotta count my money by the bags
i done ran through the rags, now i get to see riches
went from having rats to the superstar bitches
used to never leave out them northside blocks
now im going to parties in miami on yachts
and the grind dont stop, everytime you hear me rapping
without the plaque in, im still already platinum


[bridge - pharrell williams]
it feels so good ma, ma to be platinum
ha-ha-ha-hah hah hah hah hah
evs diamonds and bentley macking
ha-ha-ha-hah hah hah hah hah
so sick this vsopn a passion
ha-ha-ha-hah hah hah hah hah
and after that you and i will be smashing
ha-ha-ha-hah hah hah hah hah


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