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beating around the bush ark sz

smiling face and loving eyes
but you keep on telling me all those lies
how do you expect me to believe
honey i aint on my knees (honey i aint that naive)
baby i got my eye on you
but you do all the things that i want you to
stop your crying and dry your tears
i aint that wet behind the ears

you can throw me left
and you can throw me right
the way we do this night
beating around the bush

wish i knew whats on your mind
why youre being so unkind?
remember those nights you spent alone
talking on the telephone?
thoughts of you go through my brain
you told me that you felt the same
???? that you love me too
???? if i was you

beating around the bush

youre the meanest woman ive ever known
sticks and stones wont break my bones
i know what youre looking for
you ate your cake, you want some more
im gonna give you just a one more change
try to save our romance
???? thing im gonna do
the rest is up to you

you can chew it up
and you can spit it out
let it all hang out
beating around the bush


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